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Celeste Table 1600X800

  • Ideal for accommodating chairs under the top
  • Ideal layout for 6 seats
  • Sliding shoes that protect against moisture
  • Slanted central detail
  • Layout ideal para 6 lugares
  • Sapatas deslizadoras que protegem da umidade
  • Detalhe central inclinado

About the product

The Celeste Table is what you need to decorate your dining room, it has a modern design in an inclined trapeze shape and with pieces arranged in a cross shape, creating a dynamic and very elegant design. Another interesting detail is that between the main pieces, there are delicate intermediate pieces in a triangular shape, which provide a difference in the geometry of the product. We can't forget that this table also allows you to store the chairs under the top, optimizing the space in your dining room and making cleaning easier. The top has painted glass applied to the wood, increasing the durability of the product and making cleaning easier and more practical. Furthermore, the corners are rounded, making your living room safer. This table is produced in MDF and MDP, which are reconstituted wood sheets from reforestation, a raw material that does not harm the environment and guarantees durability and resistance to your product. For greater durability of the table, it has sliding shoes that protect it from humidity, leaving it slightly away from the floor. The Celeste Table and the Beveled Wooden Top with Glass will make your space much more sophisticated, accommodating up to 6 people, you will welcome your family and friends in a cozy and contemporary environment.



Assembled product width 1600mm
Assembled product height 800mm
Depth assembled product 900mm


Freijó/Off White
Freijó/Cinza Urbano
Carvalho Nobre/Off White
Cedro/Quartzo (Somente 1700x800)
Freijó/Quartzo (Somente 1700x800)


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