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Viena Table 1360mm Round

  • Made in MDP and MDF
  • U.V printing, high gloss and matte textured
  • Cylindrical and slatted Base with 0.98 in (25mm) parts
  • Sliding shoes that protect against floor moisture
  • Standard round glass with 0.15 in (4mm) thick paint glued to the top surface
  • 0,98 in (25mm) Round MDF top surface with beveled UV coating and PU painted edge

About the product

The Viena Dining Table is a great option if you need a compact and elegant table. Its modern and functional design is ideal for small spaces, adapting to various compositions of spaces and styles of decoration. The top is beveled with round shape and glued glass, which provides greater security and follows the most current décor trends, making the table very sophisticated.

The Viena Table seats 6 people comfortably. With the slatted base in a cylindrical shape, you will have a very elegant and modern dining room.

Its structural system is very sturdy, composed of pieces in MDF and MDP, derived from reforestation wood, which are resistant and environmentally friendly.

Enjoy the moments with family and friends with great sophistication. The Viena Table will leave your dining room looking stylish and elegant.


Mounted product width 1360mm
Mounted product height 796mm
Mounted product depth 1360mm


Demolição / Off White
Rústico Terrara / Off White
Off White / Off White
Carvlaho Nobre/Off White
Carvalho Nobre/Preto Brilho


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