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Serena Dining Chair

  • Made in MDF and MDP
  • Matte, high-gloss textured, ultraviolet (UV) printing
  • Upholstered seat, sides and backrest with high density foam
  • Curved backrest
  • Suede fabrics
  • Sliding shoes
  • MDF backrest with PU coating
Height 1010
Width 450
Depth 636

About the product

The Serena chair is an elegant and very comfortable option for your dining room. If you want to enjoy meals with the family in comfort and style, this chair is the right choice. It has a modern and sophisticated design, with spacious dimensions and a curved back, making for a very comfortable chair.

The seat and curved backrest are upholstered with a pleasant fabric of current colors, easy to make combinations. We’d like to highlight the embroidery on the back in a “V” shape, which adds a special touch to the chair, providing originality, and also for the back of curved machining, which facilitates handling and avoids staining the backrest fabric.

The Serena chair is made with high quality raw material, its reinforced structure has MDF parts, from reforestation wood, 0.70 and 0.98 in (18 - 25mm) thick, providing strength and stability to the product. Complement your Dining Room with a tasteful and sophisticated piece, accommodating your family and friends in a welcoming space.


Mounted product width 450mm
Mounted product height 1010mm
Mounted product depth 636 mm


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