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Veneza Table With Soft Upholstery Fabric 1700x900mm

  • Made in MDP and MDF
  • UV printing. high gloss and matte textured
  • Base composed of 0.59 in (15mm) MDF pieces, with machined curves
  • 0.98 in (25mm) MDF Top Surface

About the product

If you are looking for a table with bold design to modernize your dining room, the Veneza Table is the perfect choice. With contemporary inspiration, combined with functionality, this table has not only beauty, but also offers a lot of comfort.

The authentic design of its abstract base with arc and “V” shapes, combined with the beveled top with painted glass with rounded corners, make this table unique and sophisticated, ideal for composing the dining room of your dreams. With the pieces covered with embroidered fabric of optional application, the Veneza Table provides an extra option for the aesthetics of your living room, leaving it up to you to use these pieces or not.

The Veneza Table can seat 6 people, you can comfortably accommodate friends and family. Enjoy the moments with family and friends with a lot of sophistication. The Veneza Table will leave your dining room looking stylish and elegant.


Mounted product width 1700mm
Mounted product height 805mm
Mounted product depth 900mm


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