Lia Chair
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Lia Chair

  • Produced in MDF and MDP
  • Matte textured ultraviolet (U.V.) print
  • Seat, sides and back upholstered with high density foam that provides more comfort and durability.
  • MDF backrest coated with handle
  • Embroidered on the back
  • Intelligent assembly system
  • Fabrics with a pleasant and resistant touch, in easy-to-match colors.
  • Sliding shoes, which facilitate the handling and cleaning of your home.
  • PVC edges
  • 100% polyester

About the product

The Lia Chair is an incredible option to make your dining room more beautiful and comfortable. This chair was developed with various ergonomics and resistance tests, to make it a safe and comfortable chair, being the perfect support for your family dinners. With a resistance of up to 130Kg, the Lia Chair is structured with MDF feet, ensuring better durability and stability. Another detail is that its backrest is coated MDF, maintaining the visual cohesion of the chair, and facilitating its movement with its resistant backrest.In addition to the comfortable foam, its back has a beautiful wavy and subtle embroidery, adding even more to the aesthetic of this The Lia Chair is a product full of benefits, perfect to give that special touch to your home, enjoy and make your home more cozy with this beautiful product.


Mounted product width 420mm
Mounted product height 990mm
Mounted product depth 605mm


Carvalho Nobre/Linho Saara
Carvalho Nobre/Veludo Kraft
Carvalho Nobre/Veludo Moca
Carvalho Nobre/Pecan
Demolição/Linho Saara
Demolição/ Veludo Kraft
Demolição/Veludo Moca
Rústico Malbec/Linho Saara
Rústico Malbec/Veludo Kraft
Rústico Malbec/Veludo Moca
Rústico Malbec/Pecan
Rústico Terrara/Linho Saara
Rústico Terrara/Veludo Kraft
Rústico Terrara/Veludo Moca
Rústico Terrara/Pecan


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